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Comfort Home Old and Health Care System is pleased to be the most far reaching human services supplier in the Los Angeles.Established more than 65 years back, we've developed from one office into a group of social insurance suppliers conveying a wide scope of services for our customers.

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About Comfort Home

"Comfort Home" health care provides access to the information home health care nurses, therapists and other personnel need most.

The information includes evidence-based skills and procedures, patient education, drug information and competency management tools to manage performance and help ensure consistent care throughout your organization.
Accessible on any mobile device, Home Health Care provides the latest, authoritative clinical information – anytime, anywhere.


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Our Services

Qualified Doctors

Qualified Doctors

Subsequent to giving conclusions, a specialist treats patients who are experiencing sicknesses and wounds. A specialist is likewise called.

Rehabilitation Service

Rehabilitation Service

Our Rehabilitation Services gives exhaustive therapeutic and professional recovery to deliver a representative's obstructions to employ ability.

Housekeeping Service

Housekeeping Service

Our Medical Social Workers take care of patients and families who encounter challenges in adapting to mental, social and emerging from.

Resident Care

Resident Care

This level of care and supervision is for individuals who can't live without anyone else's who needn't bother with 24 hour nursing care.

Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care

We trust that growth influences each individual in an unexpected way, and that each individual can profit by an interesting, individualized care.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Day in and day out Nursing and Medial Services gives custom-made care to individuals in their cabin who are attempting to oversee.

Our History

Comfort Home started this program in 1990. We started the business with 2 people, but now our team includes more than 30 professionals in health care.

Our Mission

Comfort Home mission is to provide best possible health care service. We also try to keep our bills as low as possible.

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